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Thursday, 23 April 2020

Corona virus versus Hunger virus

I Don't know the author of this but he/she practically spoke my mind.

```This is what I think about the current situation👇

Two main pandemics at the moment we are fighting......

1. Coronavirus
2. Hunger virus.

Two main groups of people at the moment fighting the the pandemics......

1.  The Rich and
2. The poor.

The global irony and the African outlook......

The rich is afraid of the virus.

The poor is afraid of hunger.

The rich wants the poor to stay home to avoid the spread, but hunger won't allow the poor to stay home.

The poor fears that if they stay home,  the hunger virus will kill them.

The rich fears that if they also come out of their homes the coronavirus will kill them.......

What a delicate situation we have .........

In other to restore the world or Nigeria to it's normal social equilibrium.

The rich should assist the poor with food, so that they can stay at home.

When the rich succeeds in keeping the poor at home by providing enough food.

The spread of the coronavirus which the rich fears most will be chased out!

This is common sense.....Yet because some people have the microphones, all you hear is ...... “stay at home”.......... “stay at home” .

How can they stay at home when the hunger virus is at home.

fight coronavirus
fight Hunger```

Friday, 11 November 2016

Mavrodians, please pardon house of representatives members

Don't blame the House of Reps members for their statement regarding MMM.
What will you do when you realize that the young graduates slaves that keep vigil in your house just to drop their CV with you or get complimentary card all of a sudden stops coming to you.
How will you feel when the area boys that makes you popular and sings your praises just for sighting your car just for a token of 5k you will drop for 20 of them all of a sudden stops doing so.
How will you feel when the boys that do your dirty jobs all off a sudden gets busy attending to their PH and GH rather than standing beside you all the time with the hope that "oga go put me for line one day".
How will you feel when you realize people in your locality no more line up to tell you stories of how they have gone from one financial difficulty to the other just to boast to their peers that "I was with Hon the other day" and with the hope of getting an advice from the Hon and perhaps 5k if you're one of the favoured ones.
How will you feel when you realize that you may not be able to buy your way in the next election because those you share N500 each in rallies are all Millionaires?
How will you feel knowing that the poor guy you planned to take their family land by next year has suddenly started building an edifice there.
If you are one of the rep members, you will work hard to ensure you remain very important and significant to these poor and wretched people who don’t know what it takes to be an “Honourable Member of the House of Representative”.
They will bark and roar like a wounded lion because their ego has been dented by this poverty liberator.
MMM will like an elephant stand unshakable as we keep PHing and GHing forever.

Long Live MMM Nigeria!!!
Author : unknown.  Source : whatsapp broadcast 

Thursday, 10 November 2016



The ECONOMY is bad and the RECESSION is biting hard daily, nevertheless we as MARVODIANS can only give thanks to God for the community HE has blessed us with.

A Lot of false news are been propagated around the NATION lately about what our COMMUNITY is  and before now we know this threats would come and more reason we have held onto the IDEOLOGY of our community,ITS TEACHING and  INSTILLING  it ,Hence we Mavrodians understood HOW the SYSTEM WORKS and that is why we ARE still standing FIRM with and waxing stronger with increase in our COMMUNITY members daily; we are constantly making ECONOMIC PROGRESS..

Moreover, let us  not  throw caution to the wind by forgetting that the GOVERNMENT is BIGGER than  every Community or Organisation in any nation. As Marvodians we have stood our grounds to protect our Community by responding to the various negative reports published about our Community and that's so very much appreciated and would not be taken for granted. Nevertheless, let us be mindful of our approach in reacting to all the false news been propagated around ‘‘about MMM’’.

MMM NIGERIA is not out to fight anyone, either GOVERNMENT, BANKS,AGENCIES or INDIVIDUALS rather we are a Community of Cheerful Givers who have touched the lives of each other regardless of Profession , Tribe and Language and that is what is can and what unites us as a nation especially at this difficult time. The GOVERNMENT, AGENCIES, AND BANKS have so much on their plates right now and MMM NIGERIA is the least of their problems right now and it would be wise for us as a community not to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves  through our words and write ups (Guiders take note)breaking the financial freedom inequality of the world is not by Fighting and Insulting the Superior Authority  of the Nation we all dwell in while they in turn would go ahead creating more panic for us.(No superior authority would want to be seen as weak). So let us  concentrate more on teaching the undiluted Ideology ,while we emphasize  more on the risk by saying it as it is ,without addition or omission, Because that is what thrives our Community.

And again we are Nigerians that live in Nigeria. MMM NIGERIA is proudly Nigerian too and let us join hands to bless Nigeria by  PROVIDING HELP AND GETTING HELP from each other.
 The Love & Power of Giving that  we live by in our community will eventually radiate over our Nation Nigeria.


✍Chuddy 1M+Guider

✍Yinka     1M +Guider.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

MMM : Response To Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).

I got to the office today and was accosted by an anti-MMM colleague of mine who is usually quick to spread any negative rumor about MMM. "Your MMM will soon be shut down, NDIC is now on you peoples case" That was my early morning greeting from him.

Apparently The below statement was credited to the MD of Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).

The Federal Government of Nigeria has initiated moves to shut down MMM operations in Nigeria. 
Managing Director of the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), Alhaji Umaru Ibrahim, said regulators have set up a Committee to stem the nefarious activities of the fraudsters across the country.
“I wish to sound a word of caution to members of the public on the activities of illegal fund managers, otherwise known as Wonder Banks. 
"It is worrisome to note that despite repeated advice, many unsuspecting members of the public are still falling victims to the mouth-watering interest being offered by these illegal fund managers.
"Members of the public are therefore advised to patronise only banking institutions that display the NDIC sticker: “Insured by NDIC” in their banking halls or entrances. 
"However, the regulatory authorities have set up an inter-agency committee under the Financial Services Regulatory Coordinating Committee(FRSCC) to stem the nefarious activities of these fraudster across the nation”.
Umaru spoke on Monday during the NDIC Special Day at the 2016 Lagos International Trade Fair.

So as i have done in the past , i will post my little response to the laughable comment.
1.) NDIC, Where are our deposits in Savanna, Societe Generale and other failed banks?
2.) Why are the government agencies using panadol for another man's headache? Is it their money we are providing help with?
3.) Why are they calling MMM fraudulent? Has anyone come to complain that he or she has been defrauded?
4.) Who is this MMM they are even talking about? MMM is the participants, millions of letters of happiness abound on youtube. just search with "MMM Pays"
5.) Illegal fund managers? Who is managing what fund? It goes a long way to show the lack  of research of the people in positions of leadership. Go and research about MMM, call participants to find out details of how it works before you start casting aspersions on the community of people simply providing help to one another.
6.) How does the risk i am taking with my hard earned money affect the NDIC?

In summary
a.) MMM is not a bank talk less of a wonder bank. b.) MMM is not fraudulent in any way because MMM does not take funds from anyone c.) MMM is not a fund manager talk less of being an illegal one. d.) MMM does not give interest, it is neither a deposit nor an investment. e.) There are no victims in MMM, MMM does not guarantee safety of your money hence the advice to use only spare money. f.) MMM simply have members who give money to each other. I would like to see the constitution provision against such selflessness. g.) There are no unsuspecting members in MMM, the terms and conditions are boldly written for all to see. h.) MMM is could possibly be much more regulated than many of the banks, MMM can't fail as long as the Members continue to PH and GH.


Friday, 4 November 2016


I tried as much as possible to summarize this write up as best as i could, but somehow it still extended like my mavro :D

What exactly is MMM ? 
MMM started out as a cooperative society in 1989. MMM started in Russia, it attracted people by giving free bus rides. Before long MMM was controlling a third of the Russian economy, this did not go down well with the Government so it was shut down. Not for any fraudulent reason, but for some trumped up tax evasion.
The founder went to jail, but it might interest you to know that Sergey Mavrodi won an Election to the state Duma right from prison

During that time, MMM used to keep cash in the office, the Russian govt made away with 17 trucks of cash.
There was a rebirth in 1994, MMM stopped keeping cash, they put the cash in the hands of managers/Guiders, the govt came for them again and they made away with the cash.

In 2011, the new method of MMM started where the cash no longer resides with individuals or individual. The cash resides with the participants, That way it was immune to the external forces.

How does MMM work?
Very simple!!! The ideal situation is this, Instead of taking your spare money to the bank or any other savings organisation, you make it available to participants. It is called providing help.
e.g. You have 100k, You require just 80k. the remaining 20K, instead of putting it in your account, use it to provide help for someone on MMM platform.
Whenever you require that 20k, you also can request for help. As simple as that.

How does MMM make the 30% promised participants since the money is not invested anywhere?
This is naturally the next question and i would like to answer it with a little question of my own.

You bought a car for 2 Million, you insured the car and you are to pay 50K annually for premium. You paid the first and second years (totaling 100k), then something happens. You return to the insurance company and you are paid the full 2 million (or whatever their calculation comes to).

How did the insurance company come about the remaining 1.9 Million since u have only paid for 2 years ???? The answer to that question should answer the 30% question also.

Simply put, The 30% comes from the members.

Can MMM crash? 
Of course MMM can crash, but MMM can only crash if the participants panic. Panic is the only thing that can crash MMM.
Remember when a publication about the health skye bank and the take over? remember CBN quickly put out a publication not to panic? If everybody in skye bank decide to make a withdrawal today, the bank will be unable to meet its commitment. The same goes for any other bank or insurance company or pension fund.
That is why you are advised to participate with ONLY your SPARE money!!!!

But MMM crashed in SA and ZIM!!!!
For SA, it was a calculated media campaign orchestrated by the financial institutions that caused a panic hence the stop.
 However, MMM SA is doing good at the moment, please refer to the below link for verification,
The government and media had already apologized for calling MMM fraudulent, there was a lawsuit also which was won.
In the case of MMM Zimbabwe, it was never crashed, simply joined the rest of africa on Also, the used to earn a 100% and this was later reduced to 20% to match what was running on Check out testimonial videos.  ,

MMM exists in over 120 countries. I joined in May 2016 and i have not regretted a single day.

MMM is for the poor. To bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. To make funds available to members whenever they require it.
MMM is a revolution aimed at financial institutions who take your money as deposit paying 2.5% interest and loan the same money to someone else at 26% interest. Only the rich can access funds from the banks because only them have the required collateral's....

People are terminating their fixed deposits where they earn 4,5,6,7% to join MMM. The fight is going to be long, but the masses will prevail!! Who banks don epp? Who SEC epp? Who CBN epp? Who government epp?

That is why there is MMM

I put my referral link if you feel like signing up.

I put in my personal phone number (08060123190) if you want to have a phone chat.

My Twitter handle: @naijabigdaddy
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Don't be left behind join the movement.

TwiTwi!!! This Whole write up just for you!!! Omo You large for my hand o!!! Big fan of the Diplomatic crew!! Evening Oyoyo thingz!!! Akain! Agbisi